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Digital Storage

News Date : 2019-04-21

Digital Storage

The National Company for Scales was founded in 1958. It was founded by Mr. Mahmood Al-Yussid Al-shwahy Rahmat Allah after a long experience in the field of mechanical and automatic mechanization and cutting machines and meat processing for more than twenty years before the establishment of the company and then continued development and increase by Eng. Khalid Shuwahei and Hawa General Manager of the National Company for Scales, where the company is one of the oldest companies in the Arab Republic of Egypt in the field of selling scales of all kinds (mechanical and electronic for all industrial and commercial purposes) The company is also engaged in the sale of these products, but also the maintenance of the company and the import of all spare parts and the provision of after-sales service is done by a team of specialized and highly skilled supported by a huge balance of spare parts and operating requirements for all types of scales and meat cutters and mufflers and sausage The company has a huge balance of customers in all industrial and commercial fields. Since the beginning of the nineties, the company has been in the field of mozzin tect, barcod and also in the field of packaging rolls and the company is still leading in the field of updating and developing its services to As well as you enter new activities.

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Selling scales of all types (mechanical & electronic for all industrial & commercial purposes) as well as meat cutting & processing machines for all kinds.

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